Hybrid Spell Casting

Archangel Magick, Druidry, Candle Magick, Dowsing, powerful Radionic devices and years of spiritual experience... at your service.


Learn more about me, what I do and what to expect.


A list of spells that can be and have been cast through the years.


See what many people have said about the power of my spells. Names have been altered as per the customers' request.

Magus Wishing Machines.

Your Law Of Attraction cheat sheets,
your prayer loudspeakers,
...the ultimate wish boosters!

Visit the website of the few best custom made, handcrafted radionic machines in the world. The secret building process of those machines makes them unique, potent, powerful, yielding amazing results from their first use. PROUDLY MADE IN GREECE.

Click here to see a video of the latest addition, the all new Magus Wishing Machine V10!!!

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