Who I Am

It took me years of training, lots of difficulties and hardships in life, a number of failures and a continuous procedure of self-improvement to achieve a high level of knowledge. I experimented and tried many methods to find out which ones DO work and which ones DON’T. Here, I present to you the most successful, safe and secure ways to make your wishes come true. Also, I would like to share with you my ideas about the very reason why and how these methods work. Please, feel free to see my theory as food for thought, issue for discussion and perhaps as an opportunity for all of us to evolve.

My Work Ethics

I will always answer ANY questions you may have (but please try not to be obsessive and bothersome with your emails). I will give you realistic feedback - according to my experience - about your situation BEFORE and AFTER doing magic. I'm bound to give honest advice to inexperienced clients. Upon request, I will give you a general description of the magic I am going to do on your behalf. I will educate you about magic, what I'm doing, and what to expect. I'll give you feedback and share with you my impressions and signs during the ritual. I cannot reimburse you; besides the spell, you also pay the time, effort and materials I'll use for you - it's only fair since time does not turn back and I do pay for the materials. There is no guarantee that the spell will work. If someone does such thing, beware! No spell is 100% certain that it's going to work. There's a little thing called "universal order" which does not let things happen if those things affect the harmony of the order, and that's why sometimes what we wish for does not happen nor it ever will. I'll also give you a timeframe in which the spell I'll do should work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Charges for spell casting may vary from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, why are your spells so inexpensive?

It is my belief that charging more money does not necessarily mean better results! My charges are nothing but reasonable compensation for my time and effort in order to help you.

How can I be sure that your spells are effective?

I urge you to see my testimonials. Moreover, because this is a question that I ask myself, too, I always seek feedback from my clients and, happily, they seem quite pleased!

Should the spell be renewed from time to time?

The obvious answer is that it surely depends on the particular situation. Most times, once is enough and, as you can see in my work ethics, I devote much time and effort for that one time.

What can I expect and how long does it take to work?

Either one amazing, unexpected major change, or a series of “shifts”. These shifts, when seen as a whole, create completely new conditions in your life. The impact of the spell is immediate, what varies is the time the results need to be obvious. Moreover, please consider the fact that sometimes the biggest obstacle for fulfilling our wishes is our own self. Lack of motivation, inactivity and remissness cannot be magically fixed, for instance. I urge you never to neglect urgent and imperative needs such as health issues. Qualified medical care, when needed, is irreplaceable! Never hesitate to seek it!

Can I request a refund?

Unfortunately, I cannot reimburse you. Besides the spell, you also pay the time, effort and materials I’ll use for you.

Is it safe? Does it demand any sort of belief in a religious or philosophical frame?

All the spells offered on this site are completely safe! I will never ask anyone to change or even reconsider their beliefs whatsoever. I will not even ask you for them. Violation of other people’s free will and faith is unacceptable practise! Nobody with good intentions will under any circumstances ask you to do so.