About Manifesting

MAGUS Master Manifestor


Millions of lines have been written on the subject. Manifesting is bringing an idea, a thought, a wish to life. We all have experienced the manifestation of a thought we had, instantly or after some time. We do it every day, believe it or not. Some call it luck but it's actually more than that. Let's go back a bit...
Centuries ago, there were a few people around the world, the ones we now know as wizards, who at the time were practicing their art. Magic. Their art, as we now know, was consisting of altars, spells written in their native language or in some code or language they had to invent themselves to protect their art, candles, herbs, potions and other ingredients and tools. They were invoking spirits, angels, powers of nature and other auxiliary elements. All that, in my humble opinion, was a way to gradually build up power and channel it to their target in a focused manner. Sound familiar?
Back to our time now. Napoleon Hill. You may have heard the name if you've been researching the Law of Attraction. Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich" in 1937. Several years later Oprah was presenting in her show "The Secret", which was a book and then turned into a movie and many other things. It talks about the law of attraction. Many, MANY charlatans have started since then to deceive people in need with the promise that heir life will change and that they are in dire straits because of themselves. Yeah. It's YOUR fault that you're miserable if you got fired because someone else has lied about you. It's YOUR fault you can't find a decent man or woman, it's not because of society and marketing that promotes role models who are shallow and fake. It's YOUR fault you're unemployed, it's not because big companies have discovered lay offs to make profit by giving more duties to less employees. It's YOUR fault you can't find a new or better job, there is no crisis. Oprah had it right, only partly, but that didn’t stop her to take it through marketing for her and her “friends’” benefit.

The Solution

Law of Attraction? Well, why not? Be happy even if everyone around you dies a horrible death - say, mutilated by grinders operated by terrorists. You ought to be happy and smile at all times and convince yourself it's not your fault now so with that positive attitude you'll be able to save yourself, maybe the grinder will stop working when the terrorists throw you in or they'll see your true inner self and let you live, even take a bow to the superiority of your imperial attitude.
As I always say, people cannot manifest anything or everything they want. There are unwritten laws, spiritual laws we don't know about or only a handful of people around the world know of. All the others just think they know, say they know without knowing or some like me try to figure it out by experience. From what experience shows, though, it works. It happens. Anyone can do it but there are invisible boundaries. It’s very complicated but at the same time simple, in a strange way.
Like everything in life, it’s all about repetition, experience, focus and observation. A good way to start focusing is a candle or a piece of rock or anything you want. A very simple object! You find one and sit and just look at it. Trust me, it’s the baby step to successfully get where you want. To manifesting. So you start with that object, after you picked one of course. You have it in front of you and you just look at it. Then start looking closer, all the details. Then you close your eyes and visualize it. When you start losing it, open your eyes again and start over. To make a long story short, after you’ve mastered that object you go to a bit more complex object and do the exact same thing. Then you start with things you want, maybe from a photograph. You add shapes, colours, sounds, feelings, smell and taste – all of that, where applicable. In time, you’ll acquire the ability to use your imagination and focus on what it is that you want. Now after all that, you’ll need a wishing machine, like the ones I build, put pictures of you and of the object you want to get, visualise you have it already, feel it and turn on the machine. That’s all.
Sometimes, though, we think we can do it but it doesn’t happen. Why? I don’t know! There seems to be a boundary that blocks things one wants that doesn’t deserve or is not time yet to have, according to the living universe. Like, the universe knows what’s best for you or blocks something that will hurt you in a way, or it’ll hurt people you care about. There is no handbook that says what is and what isn’t, so nobody can tell you for certain why the universe has those blocks. Again, it might not be the case and you just need better focusing or you have blocks yourself towards your goal. The worst thing is that there is no indication of what’s wrong and you can’t manifest something. However, there does seem to be a mechanism that blocks people from money. Yes, particularly money. Some say because they’re bad, a tool of evil or something. Correct, it IS a tool. That’s how I see it and it depends on how a person intends to use it. The universe seems to know how much one needs and that’s why some people get what they want, because it’s what they need in that particular point in time.
So, now I hope you have an idea about manifesting and why sometimes it does and other times it doesn’t work. It’s all relative. Take all this info and use it wisely.