Spell Casting

Spell CastingFollowing the "tradition" from my previous website, I can cast a spell for you. You just decide what you want and order it. Spells can be done for anything from love to luck, from business to spiritual evolution, from spiritual protection to sex, and so on. Spell casting is the most common order I usually get so you can see for yourself in the testimonials section just a few of my customers' feedback emails and decide for yourself. Whenever you're ready and determined of what you want, don't hesitate to contact me through the website's contact form.


DowsingTo dowse is to search, with the aid of simple hand held tools or instruments, for that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. It can be applied to searches for a great number of artefacts and entities. Dowsing is most commonly known by most people in association with searching for underground water; not surprising considering the absolute need for water by man and his animals and cultivated plants which sustain him.

Crystal Performance Optimization

Crystal Performance OptimizationReuse items as charms!!!
- Clearing
- Programming/Reprogramming
- Charging
Keepsake items or tools, Jewelry (Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings), Buckles, Pendulums, Pins, Wrist-watches, Medallions and anything you can think of (containing any kind of crystal is a MUST) can be cleansed, charged with programmed energy to protect you, guide you or assist you in anything you want!!! (as long as it doesn't violate someone else's free will)

Numerology Reading

Numerology ReadingSome time after the numbers - as we know them today - were invented, some people saw a pattern between numbers and life, emerging. Since then, this pattern observation and calculation has been developed to what we call today "numerology". A colleague of my team, a numerology expert, is waiting for you to give him your details and prepare an astoundingly accurate numerology reading, not only for your personality but also for your future!

The Quantum Magick Shop

The Quantum Magick ShopThis website is owned by a very dear friend and I have decided to add it here. You'll think "Why?". Well... sometimes you ask me things I cannot do and I do not work with any spirits but God and his Archangels. This friend does not do what I do but uses spirits. If you're into that and want fast and sure results, then here you go! ***DON'T FORGET TO MENTION "MAGUS" IF YOU ORDER A SPELL!!!***

Do you ever get them days when you wake up one morning and know you want something so bad, quick fast and NOW?! But you haven't a clue how your going to get hold of it? Dam right I bet you do! For those of you who are unfamiliar when it comes to understanding Quantum Magick and the workings of the mind. I am going to cover the basics on my website (About Quantum Magick) and you can decide from there whether or not you would like me to help you in any areas of your life. You may be short of money, desperate for a new car, need to kick some addiction to the curb, attract new people into your life or even a new lover. You may feel like you have been treated unfair somewhere along the line in areas of your life and feel justice would benefit for you? The list could go on forever...... If it isn't then feel welcome to carry on looking through my Website and decide for yourself, or if its a reading your after and wanting answers for the future, then readings are available on my website too. Spirit Vessels are another thing available if your interested in communicating with spirits and much more.... I will explain a lot more about different types of spirits on my ( About ) page so you can have a better understanding why they are involved in our life's in many areas and what they can do for us.