All spells in the following list are indicative but have been used through time. Every spell is in actuality a custom made since every single one of us are unique persons, with unique lives and in unique situations. Before I cast any spell, you will have to tell me a bit about the situation after the payment is cleared. Keep in mind that the spell option with the longest duration of casting is always the best because it is done every day for many days so the energy builds up.

  • Money/Abundance
  • Healing
  • Pet Reiki
  • Love (Only attract preferred sex mate(s) or soulmate)
  • Spiritual Protection/Karma Clearing/Evil Eye Removal (Best Seller)
  • Spiritual Growth/Mental Energy Boost/Kundalini-3rd Eye Awakening
  • Finding Job/Get promotion
  • Increase Sales/Salary
  • Luck in General/Gambling
  • Other Custom Spells **
  • LOA Package **
  • Weather Manipulation **
  • Business/Enterprise or Government (Please use contact form FIRST) **

  • ** Price varies so it can only be paid through a PayPal invoice.

    Choose below your preferred plan of casting.

    1 Day Single Spell Cast

    $ 15.00 US

    Protection Spell: FREE

    Single spell cast for one day only. Pretty common if you only want to take it for a test drive.

    Please, use the contact form to order your free protection spell by clicking HERE.

    1 Week Single Spell Cast

    $ 80.00 US

    Single spell cast for one week only. Almost a best seller, very common if you only want a slight change in your life or a good energy clearing or chakra balancing.

    1 Month Any Spell Cast

    $ 270.00 US

    Any spell cast for one month only. The best seller that brings about significant changes but the best part is that you get to change the type of spell I cast every week or whenever is deemed necessary. For example if you feel cleared with a 2 week cycle of negative energy clearing and chakra balancing and want the rest of your purchase to be about abundance or soulmate attraction... thy will shall be done!

    6 Months Any Spell Cast

    $ 1,500.00 US

    Same as the "1 Month Any Spell Cast" only you get to have me casting any kind of spells for you for a 6 whole months period!


    $ 2,700.00 US

    Same as the "1 Month Any Spell Cast" only you get to have me casting any kind of spells for you, for 1 WHOLE YEAR!!! How would you like having your own spiritual advisor, manifestation teacher and sorcerer by your side for 12 whole months?... Think about it...