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~ J. C. Of the clan Carson, IN, USA

"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice. Since working with Magus, i have had clients come out of nowhere, protection i csn feel, family issues mysteriously vanish, and relief from ptsd. I have been able to FEEL when he works. I have seen my oppressor get the rebound from ill will, who has now fallen ill. This is not a joke. Those who seek more have found him for a reason. He backs up his works and adjusts to fit each person. He is authentic, genuine and conscientious. He has crossed your path for a reason. Seize it. Those who dare, win. The alternative is another free ride on the merry go round of bullshit. Claim your power and do no harm. One time and you will see. One. Time. I feel my destiny has changed. The bad luck, curse, is gone. Lighter. Protected. Unwise for my tormentors or those who have treated me poorly to continue"

Rex De Opes, WA, USA

"I'm definitely going for your subscription service. You should tell people you're changing the spells daily or weekly upon the customer's will man! The spell I ordered worked like a lightning bolt. Fast and effective. I don't know if your customers say you're expensive or cheap but for me? You worth every damn penny. Compared to the others I've given a fortune? You're like giving change! Thanks Magus! p.s. I'm putting word for you to my CEO tomorrow morning, I think the b2b subscription plan you sent me is also incomparable! ;-) Oops! Wrote too much? Nahhh, you worth it!"

Anonymous, XX, USA

"Well i was just gonna say thank you for making me feel safe and clearing out some obsticles so I can have some clarity. [...] And the Depression has eased. Just want to say thank you for being there providing comfort and hope during my time of need [...] But i am hopeful amd you gave me hope."

Rosemary Martinenza, QL, Australia

This year I felt that I had truly hit rock bottom, as much as I tried I could not seem to get back up on my feet again. Financially and personally I had taken such a loss that I was numb. Then I spoke to Magus….what an amazing transformation/journey commenced. I have been so impressed with Magus’s passion and dedication. His forethought and preparation was both professional and reassuring. I cannot express my gratitude and respect for Magus as a true master of his craft. A totally inspiring and positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his services to anyone. Promise I won’t forget you when I am rich and famous Magus………..xxx

~Amazed and Grateful, XX, USA

"Magus helped my financial situation in a most amazing way. I knew I was being helped. I can't explain it, but I am ordering a wish box soon...."

Katerina A., Greece

I'm sorry I didn't email you sooner, Magus, but it's your fault actually. I ordered a health (custom) and a business thriving (custom) spell from you and while I was getting better, clients started to increase so I had no time to email you in a while. I'm waiting for my other custom spell when the planets are alligned and the moon is in its proper phase. I have no words to thank you but I'll sure as heck send you friends of mine. You're amazing!

Katie K., New Zealand

I was surfing the internet and came across your website and ohhh I'm so glad that I did! I thought of trying it for fun, because I don't believe in things like that.... but to my surprise my wishes came true within 9 days. I was in a low point in life and needed some help... just like you.... thank you so much for doing this, I received exactly what I've asked for... a got a job out of no where and a new romance!!!! THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU!! God bless you! :) :)

Fernanda L., Brazil

Magus thank you! I founded the love of my life! He's the one I searching! Thank youuuu!!!

Claude J., France

Magus! Vous avez sauve mon mariage! Vous etes magnifique! Merci beaucoup!

P. T., Greece

I ordered a spell for a job (which I found, but I don't really like), a spell for my cat to stay alive after an attack he suffered from another vicious cat (miraculously he survived the night which was crucial and several days after he was fully recovered) and another job spell which worked the minute you emailed me to let me know you activated the spell! The minute you started I got a call for a job interview! I was speechless! Thank you!!!!! I'm so grateful!!!

Fritz G., Germany

Sag was? Dass du bist unglaublich! Naturlich bist du, du bist der beste! Ich habe mich von der besten deutschen Telekommunikationsanbieter angeheuert! Magus...Vielen Dank mein Freund!

Julio M. D., Spain

Increible! My mother feels so much better! Thank you my friend! Come to Espana for vacation, I have the best and bigger house near the sea! I owe you a lot!

Chrysa T., Greece

Magus, I messed it up. I mean you were successful, you brought me this man I wanted but I messed it up. Book me for the counselling session A.S.A.P.

Dwayne C., USA

Buddy, I'm really sorry for all those emails again and thanks for your understanding. Guys, Magus is not just a "spell-caster"... He has to know things about you first, get to know you and then BOOM! he gives you EXACTLY what you need, spellwise. That's what makes him so awesome. He really turned my life upside down. I'm sorry man, can't get into details, you know why and hope you understand. I'm a full grown man, but what happened made me cry like a little girl, it was overwhelming joy. Hey, don't give out my full name on your testimonials, right??? Can't thank you enough brother. Our Lord Jesus may give you everything your heart desires! Thank you so much! Dwayne p.s.: I'll call you soon for another issue my sister has.

Ethan W., Sydney, Australia

Not bad for a european caster, mate! Haha! Seriously, I've got lots to thank you for but what dazzled me is the way you've tailored that spell for me. It was brilliant. You should be an army general mate! Astonishing!

Ella M., UK

Honey, you're the best I've tried and I feel I don't need to comment the spell itself. At first I wasn't sure if I was paying for a spell caster or a therapist, but as we proceeded and you tought me things about what you do and how you do it, not to mention all the feedback you wanted me to give you, you seemed to know exactly what you're doing and done everything properly, that's why the success. Very professional. I liked how obsessed you are about your work ethics. Very talented! Lots of love! Ella xoxo


Few months back I was surfing the web in search of genuine spell caster as I was in dire need of assistance. I have tried many other spell casters to assist me with my situation but they took my money with no results. Magus is the only spell caster who was able to assist me. He cast protection spell on my behalf & I saw the results instantaneously. My speech problem was subsided completely... I gained back my self-esteem... He also went out of his way and cast a job spell on my behalf, when I lost my job and refused to accept payment for it... He also cast a Love Spell on my behalf few months back... It is very powerful... you would not believe how powerful is his Love Spells...guys online and offline starting hitting on me. I actually had to ask Magus for help... All what I can say at this point is that using his spell casting services you would not regret a bit and you would thank yourself for what you have invested for yourself. Your True Friend,

Moh. Q., Pakistan

Hello Magus sir. Thank you for a wonderful dowsing session yesterday. All your pendulum's answers were very accurate. The pendulum healing you sent was happily received from family member sir. Thank you.


Hi Magus! I got your radionic machine. The device is awesome, it's hand made and built with love I can tell that from the vibes it has even when I got it from the post office! Pleasant experience! Will be keeping you posted on the results of my sessions as you requested. Thanks a bunch dude!

T.C., xx, USA

Ok here's my testimonial. You told me before the ritual that I shouldn't expect anything right away but a few hours after you said that you just started, I had a phone call from a company for a job offer. I don't know, it's so crazy! I have no words to thank you!!!

J.D.S., xx, USA

Hey man! Those rings are weird. GOOD weird! I've noticed the first week I was wearing them in my sleep is that I feel like something is changing in my body. To the better of course. Will keep you posted! Thanks.

W.H., Switzerland

Hello xxxxxxx! My business is thriving and we were able to skip some legal "problems", not unharmed of course but with huge gains to us. Thank you and expect tomorrow a huge gain in your bank account as well. We'll be needing you again soon. Maybe we'll hire you as a "special advisor" with benefits. How does that sound? Awaiting for your reply. Kind regards,

X.X., XX

XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX gives XXX thanks to you personally for your timely response and effective service. We do expect you have received the compensation for your services. Kind regards,

W.R., UK

I find magus services have really helped me a lot. I've recently come off some medications that I've had to start taking for depression 6 years ago and I was worried that the side effects and withdrawal symptoms would really affect me, as well as me having to go back on them if my depression creeped back in. But I have stayed off of these medications ever since and I have felt 10 times better than I have felt in the last 6 years!!! That's thanks to magus's work. Who needs medications when magus's spells works wonders!!! I would recommend magus better than anyone else. That's 5 stars from me!! Thanks once again Magus


I don't know what was wrong with me: was it a severe burnout, derpession... I don't know ( maybe it was some kind of negative energy) I went to thedoctors, no help whatsoever. I had no energy, was crying a lot, depressed, easy irritable, sometimes I felt like somebody else had control over my body and mind....After your first test: as I already said: all changed... I'm back being me: happy, making plans, enjoying my kids.... a strange story, but true

Jason Summer, UK

If i was to give a full testimonial i would be here all day. But here it is, When i came across his website i did not know what to think, i thought is this a con and what is his angle but i chose to write to him and when i learned of the price i was surprised how affordable it was. Well since paying i can only say he gives way more value then he needs too. I am going to pay him another payment because he deserves it.The work he has done with my mothers health is nothing short of mind blowing. The day after he started working the difference was very clear. It is like my old mother is coming back and i did not even tell her he was working on her. His way of working based on my experience and my mums works FAST. I also have had help and that has worked as well. His payment is the best money i've ever spent.

Natalie Schuette, Portland, OR

I was part of the New Years Day mass-healing. I asked for a clear direction regarding my purpose in life. A friend posted her dog was sick with an eye infection so they took her to the vet. Turned out she had a massive uterine infection and hard tumors in 2 breasts I offered to do a long distance healing. 2 days later the tumors shrank from the size of large grapes to smaller than a pea! She goes back to have surgery Thursday. I am overcome by all this. A million thanks! Clear direction given and received

Gina De Leon Garza, Dallas, TX

When I met Magus, I had a horrible cold, no medicine could get me better. I asked for d help in one of the groups and he appeared like an angel offering to heal me. I got better right away! Besides being a great healer he has many other qualities! I found a very good friend which I can trust. He has helped my dad too! It is an endless list of things he has done for me. If we had a star rating I will give him 5/5.

Noraida De La O, Dallas, TX

Mine is since I was included the Christmas session. I've been very energetic at home and work. Work relationship with co-workers has been better. Home I've been very active fixing this fixing that. Of coirse my relationship with my children hasn't been yet established but I am not sitting there just thinking "what did I did wrong and blaming myself" i have enough energy to do for myself. I thank you so much my friend Magus Magistrus.


I wished for $500. I had the v9.1 wishing running for less than a week. My wish manifested in a new job with a 30% pay increase. I am very happy with my 500 euro investment in Magus. Now to figure out what to wish for next.

Marian, GR

Dear Magus, the protection work you did for me brought much more results than I could expect . As a psychic, I've been experiencing very strange energy attacks , which would mess with my consciousness in a lot of ways. Now, every night that I lay down in my bed I'm calm and sure that I won't have any weird visits. Except of the personal results, coincidences around me have been getting luckier and luckier, people with good vibes are coming closer , and others that are not really appreciated stop contacting me. I have no words !

Pierre, XX

Since I have been included in Magus' Christmas session, the intense stress associated to my family's dire situation lessened enough for me to get some rest and straighten my ideas towards a solution. Very strong cravings were also enormously diminished and that allows me a more normal life. Thank you very much! <3

And many, many more people and companies that would not like to write a testimonial due to the nature of the issue resolved.