What Is Radionics?

Radionics Device

Magus, what is Radionics?

As Wikipedia states, "Radionics is an alternative medicine that claims disease can be diagnosed and treated with a kind of energy similar to radio waves." There are plenty of books that you can find, online and in bookstores, to learn about radionics.The truth is, nobody can tell you for certain how exactly they work but from personal experience I can tell you that they DO work. Now, Wikipedia and other websites (and FDA, of course) claim that this kind of complimentary medicine is bogus, has no scientific grounds, the devices are useless and that the man that started all this, Albert Abrams, is the "dean of gadget quacks". Of course, those claims are repeated through the whole article, again and again. Those devices work, but someone has to be radiesthetic, which is to have the ability to detect "radiation" within the human body, meaning, the aura. Lately, there have been some breakthroughs in this field and there are instruments not only measuring the aura but also depicting it on a computer screen. That which once was a vague description, now has substance, presence. In order to make a radionic machine work, one has to be radiesthetic? Not really. It has been said that we all have a third eye, we all have intuition. That means we are all radiesthetic. The difference is that the people who have developed it to a point that they KNOW they have it and USE this power are more likely to be more effective using a radionic machine than a common person waking up in the morning, getting some coffee, going to work, going back home, watching TV and sleep... a person that has given up spirituality, or can't make time for it (to be fair).

Ok, and what are those Radionic Machines I hear about, then?

Radionic machines were initially built for therapy but they're actually wishing machines. Think about it. The basic principle is matching energies. That's all! If you are in the mentality of a millionaire and ask to be one, chances are you will become one. Of course, many people don't - want to - realise (or deliberately not being told) that it doesn't mean it will happen. The condition is to have synchronicities taking place in a favorable environment lamers call it luck). A lot of people, including me, have tried to win the jackpot. Guess what - didn't happen. Why? Because if you have a specific lottery where millions of people play to win and - say - 1% of them use magic and/or radionics to win there are conflicting energies, thus nobody wins OR - as it often happens - there's a winner that hasn't used anything to win. Call it fate, call it pure luck, call it what you want, but you know that happens frequently. That's because you have a whole fleet trying to squeeze through a small canal. It just can't happen. What CAN happen - and that's my secret revealed to you - is to change what you ask for. Use your imagination! You can't win the jackpot (keep playing, though, you never know!) but you can win in smaller winning categories, you can close some more deals at work, you can find a cheaper supplier, you can find a cheaper apartment, you can win over/attract more customers... and the list goes on and on. I don't know if you've heard the expression (or a similar one) that "money goes where money is". Reminds you the "Law Of Attraction" a little? Ring any bells? That's because it happens. The people that are already... "financially comfortable" no longer think of money as a necessity but rather as a tool, a recreation, a reason to have a headache (why not), a means of expansion or growth, not a means of survival. They don't think about the rent or the utilities bills, they have already sorted those out, they've already survived. That's a huge difference between your mindset and their mindset!

But what should I do then, Magus?

I'm not saying you have to start spending like you're rich thus getting into more debt! That's plain stupid! I'm saying that once you feel you've hit that mindset, you've survived. How you do that? Pretty simple. ALWAYS START SMALL. Yes, it takes time but in the end, you'll realise it was worth it. Like I said before, use your imagination. Start by finding money for a bill or two, then the rent, then a better paycheck from work, then find an idea how to start your own business, then how to get more clients, then how to GROW/EXPAND...and before you know it, you're in the clear! See, think in terms of nature. Getting money fast, you will lose it fast. When you plant a seed you don't expect to have a full grown tree the next day, do you??? So nature works similarly in every aspect of our lives. You break a bone, you get a cast and wait a couple of months. You get shocked by something that happened to you, you go to the therapist and it takes your mind some months or years to heal from the shock. That's the harmony in nature. Everything goes step by step so don't get fooled by people in spiritualism that promise or guarantee you that you'll get something done fast. It won't happen. It may happen if it's black magic, though. But then you'll have other problems to worry about BUT you may or may not have what you want, when you want it. If you really want what you want fast, then be my guest and try it out.

So, Magus, what is it exactly that you do?

What I do is work with Light and only Light. Pure positive intention put into powerful radionic machines with a little help from the Light, the Eternal Source of Life and things are getting done through time or sometimes in the blink of an eye, whichever the Universe desides for your own benefit. The only entities I may summon will only be the Archangel Michael or Gabriel and ultimately God. I trust no other entities because they're not all angels of light, yet some they call them angels, just that, and it's misleading.
So, be careful who you trust with your future, your needs, your health, your love. The dark traps are almost everywhere. Be very careful.