Hello and welcome to Spells And More, one of the most successfull, respectable and experienced custom-made radionic / psionic devices building shop. Roam around freely and discover products and services that will change your life!
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Energy Work

Go through a list of energy workings I can perform for you in order to fix something in your life or help with something you need some "supernatural" assistance with.

Numerology Reading

Get a professional and analytical numerology reading and find out what life is preparing to throw your way. Get to know yourself, your personality traits, your upsides and downsides and much, much more!

Personalized Sigils

Get amazing personalized sigil cards to use as stand-alone or as part of a magick ritual or as part of a radionic broadcast with any machine you may have! Click here for more!


See what you can do for yourself then!


The devices below and their prices are only descriptive. All my devices are custom made which means you can order your own build-to-order device according to your budget and/or the characteristics that you want your device to have.


Learn all about Ernie Vega's Cybershaman software in this Tribute and Support page I put together from his website's archive that he gave me before he passed on.

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