Here you will find all the services I can provide. Please feel free to scroll down and see what I can offer


There are 2 types of energy work I mainly do, besides Reiki - as you will see further down the page. The first type is the Regular Energy Work I do which is my personal power and intent entangled with the power of radionic devices that I have made and the use of radionic software that makes it a "Hybrid" kind of energy work or spell casting. There are no entities called to help or ordered to do something, just pure intent or "personal wish" if you like. Prayer, in a simple more common word, just many thousand times more powerful.
The second type is the Angelick Magick and consists of a powerful ritual that I do for several consecutive days during which I ask Angels of Light to assist on a wish, something you're asking for. The subject of the requests range from simple spiritual/physical protection to creativity, fame, success, fortune, manifestation of desires, skills improvement (empower any art skills), legal decisions, relationships/marriage, business matters, politics, development of psychic abilities, family matters, career, inspiration... to even an absolute shift in life which is exactly what one should say "be careful what you wish for", a dramatic change for which you should be prepared in every possible way to get. The cost is high because the energy, experience and expertise needed to perform those rituals is also high, so keep that in mind before you decide to inquire for this specific type of angelic magick energy work.
Every energy job I take is in actuality a custom-made one since every single one of us are unique persons, with unique lives and in unique situations thus the list below is only indicative so you can get an idea of what you can ask for. However, even if you don't find something on the list, keep in mind that they are all custom-made so take the time and contact me through the contact form by clicking here so we can discuss the perfect solution for your case.
Money, abundance, windfall, debt crasher, financial freedom, income increase, wealth, prosperity, Law Of Attraction Boost, cancel jinx, good luck, gambling, opportunity generator, perfect timing, exams, full body armor (protection), defragger, find a job, career, promotion, avoid lay off, success, co-worker aid, boss's pet, entrepreneurship, sales wizard, raise salary, close the deal, draw customers, decrease competition, interview success, leadership, B2B, stress, chakra balancing, remove blocks, activate/clear chakras, activate 3rd eye, aura cleansing, release negativity, physical strength and energy, creativity, public speaking and many, many more...are only a few to name that have been asked for and tested through time!
Price for the Regular Energy Work is $199 US and for the Angelick Magick spells is $999 US.

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Reuse items as charms!!!
- Clearing
- Programming / Reprogramming
- Charging

Keepsake items or tools, Jewelry (Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings), Buckles, Pendulums, Pins, Wrist-watches, Medallions and anything you can think of (containing any kind of crystal is a MUST) can be cleansed, charged with programmed energy to protect you, guide you or assist you in anything you want!!!
Clearing $10 USD
Programming / Charging $30 USD
Combo $40 USD

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I'm introducing to you my new REIKI service. You know that reiki is a form of alternative japanese medicine but you probably didn't know that reiki can be used on pets too! You may already know of the effectiveness of my spells but you didn't know the effectiveness of my healing energy transfer. However I should also add that apart from the reiki session your pet will receive a full clearing and protection energy work as pets can also be carriers/vessels of negative energies or entities. Evil eye makes no distinctions between people, animals, plants or even things! They are treated as a person thus I have to have a photo of the person or pet and their name to start the clearing, protection and reiki healing session. Note that reiki, and energy healing in general, are complementary to the actual therapy that you or your pet receive from a professional. For more details and inquiries please contact me. Choose from the drop down list below the reiki session that best suits your needs.
30' Session $60 USD
45' Session $90 USD
60' Session $120 USD
90' Session $150 USD
30' + Clearing / Protection Energy Work $120 USD
45' + Clearing / Protection Energy Work $150 USD
60' + Clearing / Protection Energy Work $170 USD
90' + Clearing / Protection Energy Work $210 USD

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Get a professional and analytical numerology reading and find out what life is preparing to throw your way. Get to know yourself, your personality traits, your upsides and downsides and much, much more! Just choose from any reading or report you like or have an interest in from the list below and my expert colleague will have your personalised numerology report ready within 48 hours!!!

Personality Profile & 1 Year Forecast

This is a personalised reading and it's based on your full name at birth, your date of birth, and the name you now use to introduce yourself (those are the details you have to send when you order this reading). Your report describes all aspects of your chart as they are understood in numerology, accurately and in-depth so you don't need to know anything about numerology to be able to enjoy and benefit from this reading. Moreover, your report includes a forecast for every single day of the year (starting from the reading date) that you can use as a compass for you every day decision making. Please state your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, your birth date and the name you use now when you introduce yourself, the name you currently use in the "note to seller" box on PayPal.
Personality Profile & 1 Year Forecast $120 USD

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Relationship Compatibility Report

When two people are involved in a relationship, they get to know each other more deeply over time. At first, everything is wonderful and friction is rare. Then, as time goes by, you get to know other sides of your partner and, undoubtedly, discover some personality traits you don’t like, and other traits you appreciate. The more time you spend together, the more you get to know each other. But even if you consider your relationship almost perfect, you will certainly experience at least some areas of possible friction. The purpose of this report is to point out the different personality traits you possess, and how compatible they are. This report will help you identify those properties that are, at least to some extent, not compatible, and suggest how to prevent them from damaging, or dominating, your relationship. Please state your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, your birth date and the name you use now when you introduce yourself, (the name you currently use) as well as the second person's same data, in the "note to seller" box on PayPal.
Relationship Compatibility Report $50 USD

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Lucky Numbers Report

Why would you buy five lottery tickets instead of just one? Does it increase your chances of winning? If one ticket offers you a chance of 1 in a million, five tickets increase your chances to 1 in 200.000. We all understand this simple arithmetic and we happily put down five bucks hoping to take home the jackpot. Lucky Numbers are said to increase your chances in a similar way. The age-old science of numerology uses certain algorithms to calculate numbers that are favorable to the individual. These numbers are called "Lucky Numbers". They are derived from your date of birth, and the letters in your name. You can use either the life lucky numbers or the set of numbers that changes at regular intervals, in a pattern based on certain cycles found in your personal numerology chart. The report includes lucky numbers for every day fo a whole year starting from the date of the report. Please state your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, your birth date and the name you use now when you introduce yourself, (the name you currently use) in the "note to seller" box on PayPal.
Lucky Numbers Report $35 USD

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Cross Reading

The Cross Reading is one of the most powerful and beneficial divination tools numerology has to offer. It reveals the chain of cause and effect that runs through our lives for the purpose of inspiring growth and offering guidance, both on the physical plane and the spiritual plane. It could be called the I Ching of numerology, because it reveals the links and interaction between the material body and the spiritual body. Please state your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, your birth date and the name you use now when you introduce yourself, (the name you currently use) in the "note to seller" box on PayPal.
Cross Reading $15 USD

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Get your own personalized card for anything!
There are generic cards out there you can use for your spiritual/homeopathic purposes, most of them known as Malcolm Rae cards which are used by my extremely potent MRS device and can also be provided but they're generic. Many people have asked me for personalized ones so the energy can be targeted to them or someone else specifically, gaining more potency through the accuracy. That also helps in using those cards individually (without them being part of a ritual or device) as tools for charging water, food, crystals, etc. The Multipurpose sigil cards are 2 or more different "requests" or qualities imprinted in a single card - keep in mind that not much can get cramped in a single card! If you have any questions find me on Facebook through the links at the end of this page or through the contact form on this website. Interested? Buy me those couple of drinks (that's the cost of one or two cards) and I'll make you a card or two! Below you will find a free card to protect yourself from negative radionic broadcasts! You can save it on your computer (right click, save as..) or your phone (long tap, save image)!
Personalized Sigil Card $15 USD
Personalized Sigil Card (Multipurpose) $30 USD

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Keep checking this page from time to time for new freebies!!!


You will need:

  • White birch bark
  • Pen or pencil
  • Metal or ceramic plate or any surface that can't catch fire
  • Lighter or matches (always be very cautious with fire, preferrably have a fire extinguisher nearby)


Obtain white birch bark and write on it your desire. You can use a pen and pencil; bark material is very similar to paper. When it comes to money, write on it the exact amount you desire. Then put this birch bark on a stone or any other place that can’t catch fire and ignite it. Once your birch bark starts to burn, imagine you already have your desired amount of money in your wallet/bank account. Once the bark burns, say thank you three times, and let it go. The Universe will always find a way to deliver it. For best results, use this spell during the full moon period (full moon lends great power to manifesting it).


You will need:

  • Eucalyptus oil (or Mint oil)
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Silver coin
  • Green candle
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Lighter


  1. Write the amount of money you need
  2. Fold the paper in the middle towards you
  3. Take the coin and make 3 scratches with its edge around the base of the candle.
  4. Anoint the candle with the oil(while doing that,bring up the intent and visualize what you'll do with that money).
  5. Rub the cinnamon on the candle(while doing that,bring up the intent and visualize what you'll do with that money).
  6. Light the candle and while the candle is burning,bring up the intent and visualize what you'll do with that money.
  7. Put the coin on the paper and fold the paper around the coin in the same manner as step 2.
  8. Seal with the candle's wax the little envelope you've just made with the coin inside.
  9. While sealing the envelope chant the spell words.
  10. Let the candle burn completely and put the envelope in your wallet or bag.
  11. Good luck! :-D

Spell words:

Money I need
Come to me
With harm to none
So mote it be

LOVE SPELL (to meet your soulmate)

You will need:

  • 1 white candle
  • 3 yellow candles
  • Red rose petals
  • A glass of mint tea


  1. Arrange the 3 yellow candles so that they form a triangle in front of you and place the white candle in the center.
  2. Spread the rose petals around you.
  3. Recite the love spell incantation
  4. Drink the glass of mint tea.
  5. Extinguish the candles one by one starting with the white candle.
  6. Collect the rose petals.
  7. Let them dry for one week between 2 sheets of aluminum foil and then scatter them in a river or stream.
  8. Good luck! :-D


I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love,
I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love,
so I can find my soulmate,
I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love,
so I can overcome my loneliness,
such is my will.


You will need:

  • 2 cups or glasses of any kind.
  • 2 PostIt notes or plain paper (plus tape, in case you go for paper).
  • A jug of water.
  • A pen.


  1. Think about the wish you want to become reality or something you want to change.
  2. Narrow it down to a short phrase or a couple of words and write it down on the first PostIt note/paper. Words have meanings and make us feel things. I love you. I hate you. If you picture a close friend or relative saying those words you'll definitely know what I'm talking about. So what you want to do here is try to trigger emotions. Don't use negative words, instead try to find synonyms that are least negative but that describe as closely as possible what you want to feel.
  3. Write on the first note the current situation.
  4. Stick the note (or tape the paper) to your first cup or glass.
  5. Do the same with the wish on the second cup or glass.
  6. Pour an ounce of water or two, in the glass labeled with the word(s) describing your current situation.
  7. Take a moment to ponder how the word makes you feel and experience it, don't keep anything inside.
  8. Pour the water from the first cup in the second cup or glass, the one labeled with your wish.
  9. Take a moment to think how it would feel if that second word accurately reflected your wish's reality, if you were experiencing your wish coming true, right that moment.
  10. Drink the water, feeling grateful that the wish came true.
  11. Throw the notes/paper in the trash and wash the glasses.
  12. Forget about what you just did (or what you wished for) and move on with your day and your life. If you constantly think about it, then you can forget it will ever happen.
  13. Good luck! :-D


Let's start with something very basic: Radionics are NOT for everyone. They may work for you but not for your sibling, your spouse, your mom or dad...or the other way around. Any kind of radionic machine or wishing machine or any type of machine that uses/manipulates the eloptic energy is just an elaborate ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) amplifier for one's own thought/desire manifestation powers. That being said, here follows an excerpt of Harry Stine's book "Mind Machines You Can Build" on Hieronymus machine:

This strange machine is strange indeed. It is a Hieronymous machine consisting entirely of symbols save for a few moving physical parts needed to rotate the prism, the sensor coil, and the tactile detector. It is typical of many inexplicable but operable devices made up of symbols representing physical objects. These symbols are arranged in the same relationship as the physical devices in the original machine. It produces the same result as the non-symbolic machine with about the same degree of reliability and repeatability. Furthermore, it operates with no apparent input of energy as energy is presently understood in the physical sciences. However, it may not operate under any of the presently-known principles of physical or psychological sciences. [...] The device behaves essentially as the original non-symbolic Hieronymous machine does. Many people have tried it and have gotten results fully equivalent to the results obtained on the non-symbolic Hieronymous machine. [...] ...he accidentally discovered during an experimental run with a volunteer subject that the Hieronymous machine worked perfectly well even though he'd completely forgotten to plug it into the 120-volt AC wall socket. In other words, the Hieronymous machine would operate without any power supply at all! [...] I was then hugely surprised when my symbolic Hieronymous machine worked! My wife Barbara could get no response from it. But about 80% of my scientific and engineering colleagues did at White Sands Proving Ground and at the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. I kept the machine and still have it. I take it out from time to time to try it on a new and unsuspecting subject. I've encountered two fascinating and inexplicable problems: (a) every couple of years, I must re-ink the battery symbols because the symbolic batteries appear to go "dead," and (b) I have to re-ink the vacuum tube symbol every ten years to put a "new and fresh" tube in the system.

So I guess you want to give it a go? Read further below on how to build one and how to use it. Success means you can turn any radionic machine into a manifestation/wishing machine. If it doesn't work though, don't be discouraged! It doesn't mean that it will never work - it means you need a lot of work on your ESP, balancing your chakras, releasing negativity, grounding yourself, etc...the more spiritual you become, the less failures you'll get with a radionic machine!

The following images and instructions are from Joseph Max's website and are the most accurate and easiest to follow that I could find anywhere on the web.

The Symbolic Hieronymus Machine image can be downloaded and printed out, and should fit nicely on a Letter or A5 size sheet.


  1. Print out the Hieronymus diagram and the knob.
  2. Mount the diagram and knob on a suitable backing. The easiest way to do this is take the printed sheet to a printing service and have it laminated. This gives you a suitable surface material from which to get stick reactions from the sensor pad. Also have the knob laminated, and cut it into a circle after laminating. (Note: don’t cut too close to the paper under the laminate – leave a few millimeters of plastic “framing” the images.)
  3. For a high quality version, glue the laminated diagram to a piece of stiff plastic, bakelite or thin plywood (silicon “goop” is good for this.) Then mount rubber feet underneath at the corners. This give you a solid device that can sit on a tabletop.
  4. Cut a small hole through the center of the knob, and another hole through the center of the dial on the diagram. Use a suitable length and diameter screw, washers and bolt to fasten the dial to the diagram, so it rotates freely.

An alternative to using a stiff backing is to use a piece of 1/4″ thick corkboard and attach the knob with a simple thumbtack. Your Symbolic Hieronymus Machine is ready to use! Here are the particular instructions for using the controls of the Symbolic Hieronymus Machine.

Basic operation:

  1. Prepare the machine for work by exposing to bright sunlight or by waving a strong magnet over it for at least ten seconds, a few inches above the surface in a random pattern.
  2. Place a power object, such as a crystal, talisman (or even a small watch battery) on top of the “POWER” section. (Optional)
  3. Place the witness sample on top of the round spiral (leaf clipping, hair, fur, photograph or other witness that represents the Target of the work.)
  4. Stroke the stick pad while concentrating on the purpose of the working. Starting with the pointer on “0”, turn the tuning dial until a stick reaction is felt on the fingers stroking the pad. The easiest way to turn the knob is to rest one finger lightly on it to spin it. If you dial all the way to the “100” without a reaction, turn it back-and-forth and keep scanning until you get a reaction. Alternatively, you can use a pendulum suspended over the Sensor Pad instead of using your fingertips. Tune the dial until you get a pendulum reaction. Also, a recent addition to the instructions by Joseph Max himself is that "a pendulum can be used over the sensor pad as an alternative to getting a stick reaction".
  5. Release your fingers from the stick pad (or remove the pendulum) and the Machine will continuously broadcast the tuned intention to the target.

Click on the images to save them!

Good luck! :-D