All devices are custom made
(Yes, I can build your own personalized device!)
You can either order a device from the ones below (same or with any tweaks you want applied) or your own device made from any material you want, with the BUDGET you have and the CAPABILITIES that you want!
You don't see a device you want on the list below?
Ask if I can build it! Take the time and contact me through the contact form by clicking here. It's THAT easy and flexible!

The Matrix Board

The Matrix Board is a powerful array that will multiply many times over the power of your magickal / ceremonial work (if you use it as an altar) or the power of your Law of Attraction or even your radionic (or wishing) machine work. There's nothing really more to say if you know what the symbols this array is based on. It's a symbol of multiple energy enforcement as the central circle draws the raw energy of its surrounding Archimedes's spirals making this device the god of powering whatever you want to do with it! You can place in the central circle a representing item of the target (photo, business card, plain paper with the target's details written or printed on it) and use the spirals for many different trends like health, wealth, love, luck etc by placing any kind of symbols or written trends (wishes) that represent them but the best part is that you can use anything you can think of or believe that is relevant. You can even use the circle for one person and use each spiral for a different trend AND symbol or crystal or herb etc! It's just PERFECT! Just think of the possibilities!
Price starts from €800 (basic configuration) and up, depending the variation you choose from the variations table below. Please note that the price also varies since it's another custom made device so you may choose other components than what you see in the pictures or even different size (size in the picture is 60cm x 60cm, 23.5x23.5" roughly). Get in touch for a quote!

The V10-MTB

The latest proud addition to a technoshaman's arsenal! The V10-MTB is a 9 dial wishing machine based on the V10 series but with a twist!
There is a frequency generator adding to the signal and a whole new design in the circuitry that connects to the main crystal, apart from the frequency generator that is also connected to the main crystal, which is mainly the reason that is turbo boosted. To this, a red led adds to the power of the crystal that boosts the signal. Along with those innovations comes the signal conversion and the crystal clearing through UV light. The cherry on top? Not only it works anywhere there is a USB port but it's also a lot smaller than a V10 machine, a compact size that makes it an ideal partner to a tech sorcerer!

  • 9 precision dials
  • 8 connection Input/Output plugs, 2 sets of (1x 3.5mm audio, 2x banana type, 1x BNC)
  • 2 pads (Witness, Trend/Stickpad)
  • 1 Frequency generator
  • 1 Orgonite antenna (built-in)
  • 1 Quartz Crystal
  • Quartz crystal clearing mechanism through UV light
  • Signal Inversion mechanism
  • Power switch
  • USB powered
  • Compact size (22x24x10cm, 8.6"x9.4" x3.9")
  • Free worldwide shipping

    PRICE: €1099.00